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About Us

Marc’s CheeseCake makes the most deliciously smooth cheesecakes in Glen Rock, NJ! Our cheesecake is a rich and creamy work of art. Less dense than traditional New York cheesecake, Marc’s CheeseCake has a smooth, full-bodied texture and incredible flavor.

We use only the finest ingredients to craft our cheesecakes: fresh eggs, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, real fruit, and chocolate imported from Belgium. No matter what flavor you order, you can ensure the taste and ingredients will be top-notch.

Marc’s CheeseCake usually has five or six flavors of cheesecake each day, but feel free to order a few days in advance, and we will be sure to have your favorite flavor waiting for you.

In addition to our CheeseCakes, we also create creamy, rich Ice Cream. From the well-known Cookies and Cream to the more esoteric Lemon Basil, our Ice Creams are all slow-churned to enhance the creaminess. We go the extra mile to be sure each Ice Cream is intensely flavored.

Of course, you also may want to try one of our Excellent homemade soups. We have two each day, or our variety of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Marc’s CheeseCake can’t wait to serve you a slice of your new favorite dessert!